Best Dropshipping Companies: Cheap, Reliable, Local

Wanna become a dropshipper? Awesomepants. But you’re going to need to know the best dropshipping companies before you start making room in the corner of the room for all the fat stacks of cash you’re going to be earning.

(And you need to decide the best items to dropship.)

How to find the best dropshipping companies – what to look for:

I have three main things I look at when I’m considering a dropshipper.

  1. What are their prices like? No surprises here, but you’d be amazed how often people get tripped up on this. You need to look on eBay and Amazon and see what similar products of a similar quality are selling for. This roughly dictates how much you can sell this product for. These are your competitors.If the dropshipper’s catalog price is HIGHER than the prices on eBay and Amazon… you won’t make money. There’s no margin. It also means that these other sellers on eBay and Amazon have a supplier with much lower prices than your yours. Wonder where they found that supplier?
  2. Can you trust them? Unfortunately in this business you’ll find a lot of scammers. It’s pretty easy to set up a legitimate looking website and get it appearing in Google. Then these scammers take your money and run, or send your customer counterfeit brand-name goods, and you need to refund your customer out of your own pocket.Even if a dropshipper is legitimate, they might just be not very good at dropshipping. They might be slow. Goods might be poorly packaged or poor quality. You need to do a bit of checking around to see if your dropshipper is legitimate before you trust them with your money.
  3. Are they local? Your customer probably expects to receive their purchase reasonably promptly. If they don’t… you’ll be the one they blame, and your reputation (and chance of making sales in future) will take a beating. So it’s a really good idea to find a supplier who is at least in the same country as your customer. I wouldn’t recommend dropshipping from China if you live in the USA, for instance.

So one more time, the best dropshipping companies are cheap, trustworthy & local. When you find one that ticks all those boxes, it’s practically a license to print money.

So where do you find a good dropshipper?

The most important thing to realize is that finding a these cheap, trustworthy and local dropshippers on your own is highly impractical, verging on impossible.

This is because the suppliers with the best prices keep their prices low by maintaining low overheads. That means no big flashy website, no marketing team, no advertising. They probably have a website that appears on page 100 of the Google search results and looks like it crawled straight out of the 90s.

So how do you find the best dropshipping companies if they don’t make themselves easy to find?

If you want to know how I find these hidden dropshippers (I actually just let other people do the research for me), grab my e-book below. I’ll show you my time-tested step-by-step method for using SaleHoo (my favourite dropshipper directory) to find the best dropshipping companies (and products) to sell.

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