How to look professional on eBay and Amazon with a business logo

Back in the day, if you wanted a logo for your business you either hacked one together yourself in MS Paint (ack!), or you went to a graphic designer and paid them hundreds of dollars to create one for you.

Luckily for you and me, we’ve got a few more options these days. And some of them make it downright dirty cheap to get yourself a professional logo, so you can look all business-like.

How does $5 sound?


Fiverr is a site where you can get people around the world to do a whole bunch of weird and wonderful things for you… all for five bucks.

It’s incredibly easy… often incredibly fast… and there are literally thousands of designers specializing in creating logos for about the price of a Big Mac.

As you see here, there are over four thousand designers offering their services for five bucks!

Fiverr is free to join, so I recommend you hop over there right now, sign up and let me walk you through the process.

Step 1: Find logo designers

Just search for “logo” in the search box at the top of Fiverr, or go to “Graphics and design” > “Logo design” using the menu.


Now start shopping! Click on a provider to learn more about what they offer, see examples of their previous work, and read reviews from previous customers.


Some things you should look out for:

  • How many orders are already in the queue? This is how many people have got there before you. If this number is large, you might need to wait a week or so for your order to be completed.
  • How many days does it normally take for delivery? If a provider is in constant demand (or just generally slow) this will be longer. Both this number and the orders in queue are right at the top of the screen, just above the photo.
  • What do the other reviews say? 4 or 5 stars should be good to go.

Important: Read the provider’s requirements

Each provider is different, and when you’re working for $5 (minus Fiverr’s commission) there’s not a whole lot of room for going back and forth.

The provider also reserves the right to cancel your job if you don’t read the instructions, so make sure you pay attention!

About the optional “extras”

If you just want a logo to use in your eBay or Amazon listings, chances are you will get away with just the basic $5 service. This is normally a high resolution (a.k.a “big”) image of your logo. You won’t be able to edit it easily, but it’ll do the job for your listings.

For an extra cost you can get additional perks, like your image in different (editable) formats, faster turnaround, extra revisions if you’re not happy with the design, that kind of thing.


Each provider is different, so read through their extras and see if there’s anything you need. The extras are where the providers make their REAL money, so sometimes these services are a bit overinflated. But in case you need reminding… you’re paying five bucks for a logo. FIVE BUCKS!

Step 2: Find logos you like

While you’re looking around, look through designers’ portfolios and keep note of any logos that you like, and which are similar to what you’d want for yourself.

It doesn’t matter if the logo is from a different designer than the one you end up using.

If you can find other logos around the web that you really like, keep a note of them as well. These will make it much easier in the next few steps.

Step 3: Buy the “gig”

Once you’ve found a provider you like the look of, hit the big “buy” button, and you’ll be transferred to a checkout cart.

You’ll most likely use PayPal (unless you’ve got a ready stash of Bitcoins). Fiverr whacks on an extra 50c “processing fee”, which you might get grumpy about, until you remember… it’s only five bucks.

Step 4: Send details to your designer

Once payment is completed, you’ll get to send the provider a message with details of your project.


Once again, every designer is different and will ask different questions, so I can’t give any hard and fast rules.

But here is where those logos you collected earlier are going to come in handy. This is the single best way to get a logo that you actually like out of your Fiverr designer: Just show them OTHER logos that you like.

It’s much easier than trying to explain how you want something “kind of hipster… a little bit swirly… in a girlie font, with fresh spring-time colors…”

You should let your designer know if you need anything specific for you logo: For instance, if there are specific dimensions. At the time of writing, Amazon only accepts logos that are 120 px wide and 30 px tall, while an eBay store takes 310px by 90px. So in both cases your designer would need to create a logo that is wide, rather than one that is tall.

You can choose to send a message to your designer later if you haven’t gathered all the info you need just yet. Just be aware that they won’t start your job until they’ve got this information.

Step 5: Wait

Once you send your message (or click “I will do it later”) you’ll be taken to an activity/order status page. It will have the estimated delivery time for your logo, as well as a form for you to send your designer a message. You can order extra add-ons from here too.

Step 6: Receive and review your logo

Once your logo is complete, you’ll have a chance to look at it and accept it. If it’s not quite to your liking, you can ask for a “revision” by just messaging the designer.

Note that often designers will put a limit on the number of “revisions” you’re allowed. If it’s not to your liking within a certain number of revisions, you’ll usually have to pay for additional revisions.

If the design is close to what you want… go ahead and do this. If it’s very far from what you’re looking for, I find it better to just try a different designer.

Do try to keep in mind that you are only paying $5 for this. If you have a lot of suggestions or additional requirements, do the right thing and order one of their optional extras.

Important note: I never receive Fiverr emails when my gig is complete. I don’t know if my mail is chewing them up, or if Fiverr simply does not email me.

This is bad because Fiverr will automatically “complete” a job within three days of delivery, so if you haven’t seen it yet, it means you miss out on the chance for any revisions.

I would strongly recommend that you regularly check into Fiverr to see if your gig is complete, and don’t wait to receive an email.

You can check if your gig is complete by clicking on “My orders” under your name in the upper right of the page, and then clicking on the name of the gig you ordered.


Step 7: Add your logo into Amazon, eBay (or wherever!)

The moment of truth! Now we get to add this little piece of brand bling into your online profiles. Here’s how you add your logo into eBay and here’s how to do it on Amazon.

If your image isn’t quite the right size for this, you can resize it using a number of free online tools.

That’s it! A new professional image for your business.

Head on over to Fiverr now to get started.

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