transparent tedThanks for visiting our website! This website was started by me, Ted, as a way to teach other people I know the tips, tricks and methods I use to sell goods (and sometimes services) online and to make a profit from that. It has since grown to a team of fantastic contributors, who are all dedicated to sharing their expert knowledge in the e-commerce space.

I hope that you enjoy our series of articles, videos and email newsletters where we open up the doors behind the scenes of online selling, and reveal how it really works.

Our mission statement:

“Now you can make money selling online too.”

What does our mission statement mean?

Throughout my life, I have bumped into numerous people who all saw the potential of selling good online. Usually, they had tried their hand at it by selling items from around the house they no longer wanted anymore on eBay. When a lot of people start by selling their old household items on there, they expect no one to want them, and they won’t sell. Then, when they do sell, they’re pleasantly surprised – and shocked!

But they shouldn’t be. Selling online isn’t that hard. You just need to find items to sell online, and then create eBay listings that sell. And if you do that, you will make money.

A lot of people get the second thing right. And they get the first thing right, for awhile – until they run out of things to sell around the house. Then they get stuck – what else can they sell and make a profit?buy essay

That is why we’ve created a series of articles, videos and emails which answers these questions. We want to answer these questions for people, so that now they can make money by selling things online too – just like we are.

How can I best make use of this site?

If you’ve already got a specific question you want answered, I suggest just going to the article on that topic. If you’re a beginner, a good idea is to start with my article which describes how dropshipping works. This is because a big topic of this site is how to dropship, as this is one of the best ways for beginners to get started in selling goods online. Not only is it easy, but it has very little start-up costs, which means little to no risk!

After that, I suggest you next ready my article which teaches dropshipping on eBay, or alternatively I suggest you read my other article about dropshipping on Amazon, as this is my favorite website for selling goods on.

Once again, thanks for stopping by. And if you have any questions, feel free to contact me. You can read about our income & affiliate disclosure statement here